The Spinning in Egypt

Until 1996/1997 the Spinning industry in Egypt was mainly dominated by public sector companies, working hand in hand with the governmental regulations and restrictions.

The growing market and beginning investments in the private sectors though, especially Fine Yarn Production, led to a change in the Egyptian Spinning field heading towards a more privatized and liberated business. The impact on the Egyptian Spinning Industry, for example through Turkish, Pakistani, Indian and further foreign investors, brought an immense trading opportunity for Egypt.

The privatization improved not only the flexibility with the governmental regulations, but moreover the productivity and quality of the products.

Today, the market in Egypt is led by public, semi-public, and private sectors.

While dealing with the public and semi-public sectors needs experience and a good knowledge of the tender system that follows strict rules and ways of trading, the business with the private sectors is getting more and more uncomplicated and fruitful.

Moreover, during the last decade potential investments in the filament business were made, leading to a fast growth of mills in the texturizing field, in FDY and BCF sectors.

Still, the Spinning in Egypt is not only an important trading opportunity for the well experienced Textile Engineers and Workers in the Mills, but it also provides thousands of employees the chance for a good and stable work.